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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm Back, missed yall

I have been away for a while, as some of you may have gathered, but I'm back and have a review for you all :)

                                CINDERS BATH BOMB
 First of all this was bought at Christmas time, however I was late in putting this up. Anyways, if it's out this Christmas I will be buying it again. I loved it. There were a few things I loved about this, number one being the crackling red bits, these crackled when the bath bomb was placed in the water. It fizzed around and created an orange colour, which I actually wasn’t too keen on, I normally prefer the bubble bars as they make lots of bubbles, but this doesn’t make any bubbles, it just turns the water a dark orange, which looked not very pretty. However, after my bath I felt my skin, which was lovely and smooth, the product really did make my skin smooth and feel refreshed. And because of this I will be purchasing it again, that’s if Lush decide to make this available for Christmas 2011. 

 Thanks so much for reading everyone. I love you all loads and I will be updating this blog. Please leave all comments down below, love and kisses xx

Friday, 1 April 2011

Long Time No See

Okay so I have been away for abit, but I am back and will be updating shortly.

In the meantime...



Monday, 17 January 2011

A few recents :)

L'oreal Jet Set Diamant Nail Polish.
Colours: Iced Chestnut & Golden Chestnut.
RRP: £4.99

Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner.
Colour: Black.
RRP: £6.00

 MaxFactor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara.
 Colour: Black & Pink.
 RRP: £10.00

Dior Addict High Impact Weightless Lip Colour.
Colour: Spotlight Violet.
RRP: £22.00

Yves Saint Laurent Lip Liner.
Colour: Plum (maybe)
RRP: £15.00

Okay so here are  few items I have bought recently. I love all these items and some of them I got good discounts on too. One of my favourites though is the Avon product as it works very well, it goes on the eye as a gel liner and dries like a felt tip pen, once applied on the eye it doesnt rub off. This eyeliner was great value for money and I would purchase this again!

As for the other items most of them I havent even tried out yet, though I will do other posts on them when I have tried them for a decent amount of time, as I would like to review them.

Thanks for reading, peace out!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Album :)

A Collage I made of Michael Jacksons new album titled "Michael". (All photos taken by me)

Okay so I recently purchased Michael Jackson's new album which came out on Monday 13th December. This is Michael first album release since his death in June 2009. When I first got this new album I was excited to listen to it but I also felt guilty as it doesn’t have Michael’s full blessing, but then I thought it has new and exciting songs on, so I really wanted to listen. It only has 10 songs on but I guess that is because Sony wants to save other songs for future albums. My favourite tracks are, "Keep Your Head Up", "Best of Joy" and "Much Too Soon". That is because I love the songs where you can hear more vocals. The booklet features some written lyrics from some of the songs on the album. What I love most is the album features songs which were made from different years, older songs and new songs, as some songs ("Behind the Mask" and "Much Too Soon") are from the Thriller era. This contrasts with other songs such as "Best of Joy" as this is apparently one of the last songs Michael wrote and recorded. Overall I do love this album and it's great to listen to. Oh and it fits well with my other Michael Jackson cds as you can see below :)

(Albums From Left to Right:)
* Michael
* Off The Wall
* Dangerous
* The Best of Michael Jackson & Jackson 5
* Number Ones
* Jackson 5 The Ultimate Collection
* The Essential Michael Jackson
* HIStory Past, Present and Future Book
* Thriller
* Thriller (25th Anniversary)
* This Is It
* Invincible
* Blood On The Dance Floor
* Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 The Motown Years (3 discs)

Monday, 20 December 2010

The Worlds Greatest

Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Collection.

Okay so I have had this piece for ages now, but just decided today "why not take some photos of it", so that's what I decided to do. It has 5 discs in total plus a thick booklet which had photos in of Michael throughout the years, it also has a timeline of the music Michael made. I love this collection and it's one of my favourtie Michael pieces, however I do have one more piece (a rare copy of an A2 poster that Nate Georgio who was Michael's personal artist produced of Michael) which is my all time favourite. Back to the collection, it has many demos on including: P.Y.T, Fall Again and We Are The World. It comes in a black book (there is also a white version) which opens to reveal the content, 4cds, 1 dvd and the booklet. This collection is a must have for any Michael Jackson fan, it's packed with music and rare photos, and fits nicely along with my other Michael Jackson cds, dvds, books, clothing, posters, weeicon plus other random bits (yes I still have my cinema ticket from when I saw This Is It on the first day it came out ) :D

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hurry Hurry Hurry, Quick Quick Quick

New post ! Items I love at the moment. I have just recently started using these items and I love them, I would recommend them and use them again :)

#1 L'Oreal Colour Juice Lipstick (Pink Lemonade)
#2 Smashbox Eyebrow Kit
#3 L'Oreal Ideal Balance Concealer Stick

Okay so I love all 3 of these products, the lipstick goes on smooth and is sheer. It has a slight pink tint to it with some glitters in. You can build up the colour by applying more product. The eyebrow kit is my favourite of all 3! You can choose from 3 shades and it comes with a wax to hold your eyebrows in place allday. As well as all this it also comes with a mirror, it's the size of a credit card so it would be easy to carry in your purse. Finally the concealer stick covers all dark circles and slight red marks you may have, I apply this before my liquid foundation and it covers up anything I may need to conceal. 
Enjoy Girls xxo

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Aaliyah Collages.

Here's a few collages I created of Aaliyah, these are some of my favourite photos of her, most of which are rare. xox