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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Aaliyah Collages.

Here's a few collages I created of Aaliyah, these are some of my favourite photos of her, most of which are rare. xox

Makeup Review - Good? or Not So Good?

Aura Fruity Blush - (Peach Fizz)

Okay so this blush is really great, you can use a little amount to create a light hue or use more product to get a more dramatic result. The packaging was cool as it came in a box which has fruits on. Overall I would recommend the blush and find it pretty to use in the summer. I give this 4 stars.

RRP: £13.00



 M.A.C  Lipstick - (Win Win)

I love this lipstick it's so cool, the colour is a pink shade but not too bright and it has sparkles in which look so fun as a night time look. It does feel abit rough when applying it because of the glitters in but it still looks gorgeous on, it's girly though I wouldnt wear it during the day, as this is a night lipstick when you need that extra touch of glamour.

RRP: £12.00