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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hurry Hurry Hurry, Quick Quick Quick

New post ! Items I love at the moment. I have just recently started using these items and I love them, I would recommend them and use them again :)

#1 L'Oreal Colour Juice Lipstick (Pink Lemonade)
#2 Smashbox Eyebrow Kit
#3 L'Oreal Ideal Balance Concealer Stick

Okay so I love all 3 of these products, the lipstick goes on smooth and is sheer. It has a slight pink tint to it with some glitters in. You can build up the colour by applying more product. The eyebrow kit is my favourite of all 3! You can choose from 3 shades and it comes with a wax to hold your eyebrows in place allday. As well as all this it also comes with a mirror, it's the size of a credit card so it would be easy to carry in your purse. Finally the concealer stick covers all dark circles and slight red marks you may have, I apply this before my liquid foundation and it covers up anything I may need to conceal. 
Enjoy Girls xxo


  1. Im using concealer every day on this week too:)

  2. The smashbox eyebrow kit looks good (colour wise) you should do a proper post on it at somepoint! :) xx

  3. Hey thanks for the comments, I might do a more bigger review on the products on my YouTube channel, check it out, the link is on my main page :)

  4. They look good :D

  5. nice post! i've never heard of the 1st and 3rd items, the 2nd i've heard great reviews!

  6. the products look promising. nice review ;p