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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Album :)

A Collage I made of Michael Jacksons new album titled "Michael". (All photos taken by me)

Okay so I recently purchased Michael Jackson's new album which came out on Monday 13th December. This is Michael first album release since his death in June 2009. When I first got this new album I was excited to listen to it but I also felt guilty as it doesn’t have Michael’s full blessing, but then I thought it has new and exciting songs on, so I really wanted to listen. It only has 10 songs on but I guess that is because Sony wants to save other songs for future albums. My favourite tracks are, "Keep Your Head Up", "Best of Joy" and "Much Too Soon". That is because I love the songs where you can hear more vocals. The booklet features some written lyrics from some of the songs on the album. What I love most is the album features songs which were made from different years, older songs and new songs, as some songs ("Behind the Mask" and "Much Too Soon") are from the Thriller era. This contrasts with other songs such as "Best of Joy" as this is apparently one of the last songs Michael wrote and recorded. Overall I do love this album and it's great to listen to. Oh and it fits well with my other Michael Jackson cds as you can see below :)

(Albums From Left to Right:)
* Michael
* Off The Wall
* Dangerous
* The Best of Michael Jackson & Jackson 5
* Number Ones
* Jackson 5 The Ultimate Collection
* The Essential Michael Jackson
* HIStory Past, Present and Future Book
* Thriller
* Thriller (25th Anniversary)
* This Is It
* Invincible
* Blood On The Dance Floor
* Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 The Motown Years (3 discs)


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