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Monday, 20 December 2010

The Worlds Greatest

Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Collection.

Okay so I have had this piece for ages now, but just decided today "why not take some photos of it", so that's what I decided to do. It has 5 discs in total plus a thick booklet which had photos in of Michael throughout the years, it also has a timeline of the music Michael made. I love this collection and it's one of my favourtie Michael pieces, however I do have one more piece (a rare copy of an A2 poster that Nate Georgio who was Michael's personal artist produced of Michael) which is my all time favourite. Back to the collection, it has many demos on including: P.Y.T, Fall Again and We Are The World. It comes in a black book (there is also a white version) which opens to reveal the content, 4cds, 1 dvd and the booklet. This collection is a must have for any Michael Jackson fan, it's packed with music and rare photos, and fits nicely along with my other Michael Jackson cds, dvds, books, clothing, posters, weeicon plus other random bits (yes I still have my cinema ticket from when I saw This Is It on the first day it came out ) :D

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