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Monday, 17 January 2011

A few recents :)

L'oreal Jet Set Diamant Nail Polish.
Colours: Iced Chestnut & Golden Chestnut.
RRP: £4.99

Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner.
Colour: Black.
RRP: £6.00

 MaxFactor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara.
 Colour: Black & Pink.
 RRP: £10.00

Dior Addict High Impact Weightless Lip Colour.
Colour: Spotlight Violet.
RRP: £22.00

Yves Saint Laurent Lip Liner.
Colour: Plum (maybe)
RRP: £15.00

Okay so here are  few items I have bought recently. I love all these items and some of them I got good discounts on too. One of my favourites though is the Avon product as it works very well, it goes on the eye as a gel liner and dries like a felt tip pen, once applied on the eye it doesnt rub off. This eyeliner was great value for money and I would purchase this again!

As for the other items most of them I havent even tried out yet, though I will do other posts on them when I have tried them for a decent amount of time, as I would like to review them.

Thanks for reading, peace out!

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  1. I want that Dior lipstick!!! Perfect color!

    Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

    Oh, and stop by my blog and register for the swimsuit GIVEAWAY!